Pivot tables are Excel files giving in a very simple way the data on local autonomy for the desired country and the desired year:


- LAI_Pivot_table_v6_temp2 (.xlsx):


 In v6, the variables and dimensions have been standardised. LAI and its 7 dimensions are constructed according to the following formula:

 Legal autonomy: LA_year=100/3*legalprotection_year.
 Political discrection: PD_year=100/15*(institutionaldepth_year + 3*EPD_Total_year).
 Policy scope: PS_year=100/4*PS_Total_year.
 Financial autonomy: FA_year=100/24*(3*fiscalautonomy_year + 3*financialselfreliance_year + borrowingautonomy_year).
 Organisational autonomy: OA_year=100/4*organisationalautonomy_year.
 Non-interference: NI_year=100/6*(financialtransfersystem_year + administrativesupervision_year).
 Access: AC_year=100/3*centralorregionalaccess_year.

 Local autonomy index: LAI_year = (1*LA_year + 3*PD_year + 2*PS_year + 3*FA_year + 2*OA_year + 1*NI_year + 1*AC_year)/13.